“Liza Carter says that this is the book she would have liked to read before her first trip to Mongolia. Right on! This is the book I would have liked to read before I went there, too. It’s about the people themselves, not about the experiences of a westerner observing the people. It takes you through all four seasons with a nomad family, reporting on events that befall us all, from everyday chores to special occasions, even hospitalization and death. In words, the author fills in background, but the pictures really carry the story. A wonderful account of a very special people, modern-day Mongolians.”

~ Alice Johnson

“I opened the cover to an amazing world far away rendered immediate and hauntingly beautiful! Liza Carter has a most acute eye, one that allows you to enter into a ‘visual dialogue’ with her subjects, bringing them right into the home we all share: the Humane Heart. Her photos capture in a living and dynamic fashion a portion of the universal family that resonates deep chords of tenderness, warmth, beauty, joy…I could go on, for each photo holds it’s own, whether raw or poignant, intimate or quotidian. A rare gift indeed, one that Carter shares with us with grace and a perceptivity that captures the heart and soul of a people so that we can receive them into ours. Outstanding!”

~ Chris Trainor-Brigham

“Most of us will never get to Mongolia, but this book took me to the steppes. The intimate glimpse of every-day life in a truly vanishing world is both fascinating and poignant.”

~ Barbara Moses

“As someone who has worked extensively with Peace Corps over a number of years, I found this book remarkable for conveying what it is like to live in a dramatically different foreign culture for a long period, even though the author has been an intermittent visitor. The photos are absolutely captivating.the text is perceptive and original. A wonderful holiday present for travelers and armchair travelers alike.”

Susan Miller-Coulter

“Liza Carter’s book is such an inspiration! The photos are rich with color and feeling. The narrative is so fascinating – I have always wanted to go to Mongolia to spend time with the nomads and this book makes that desire ever stronger. The Mongolians are beautiful people in body, culture, and spirit. And this book beautifully chronicles their lives and land.”

~ Tina S.

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