Moving with the Seasons: Portrait of a Mongolian Family draws on Liza F. Carter’s experience with a single family (who became her collaborators in writing this book) to reveal the unique culture of Mongolian nomads and their remarkable capacity to thrive in one of 
the world’s harshest environments. The family’s willingness to share with the rest of the world the annual cycle of nomadic life on the Mongolian steppe makes for an unusually intimate portrait. Much of the information found in the text and photographs comes directly from time spent with this family, and is not available in print elsewhere. The family blends ancient ways of living that have survived since the time of Genghis Khan in AD 1200 with elements of the modern world.

Moving with the Seasons is both timely in its appeal to the growing awareness in the West that we have a lot to learn from traditional peoples before their ways of life disappear, and timeless in its representation of the humanity of the nomadic Mongolian family profiled in the book.

Half the profits from this book are being donated to provide medical care for nomadic children.

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